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AudioSlut is the brainchild of Day M Eve Komet .  Its birthplace was a whisper in the wind in the Negev Desert in 2017 and since its arrival on Earth; it has been growing steadily in Switzerland, London ,Vienna , Berlin and liminal Space.

Audioslut’s larger vision is an amplification of the question. “How do you use your sound?” As a vibration on this planet, knowing what sound we make and how to use it, is a grandiose question that needs no answer but much time.   

AudioSlut is a manifestation of different personas, understanding and portals. Using poetry, storytelling, short films and immersive soundscapes and world-making productions. We aim to envision and share fractures of our multiples selves creating worlds upon them.

We believe that the unknown is a part of us that we can configure and listen to if we tune ourselves to the mystery of life.

Day M Eve Komet is a trans artist of Nigerian heritage and a proud North Londoner.  They believe that being radically you is a lighthouse to a better future. They are a poet and storyteller that believes vulnerability is the death shaped figure at our door. They are a self named dreamer and HOPE enthusiast. .

They are currently working on their own language. S.T.E.V.E.

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The amazing artwork that you see on the landing page is done by @a.x.m.e.00

Photography by ndidi iroh.

” I would like to be many beautiful ways of ugly with you.”


“You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time.” 

Angela Davis

We believe that dreams can be as sincere as reality.

Join us on our journey.

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Photography by ndidi iroh.

All things will be expressed in time.

Please enjoy your journey. We have already set off.

Love Always

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