Welcome to our Future

AudioSlut is a becoming reality grounded in expression and being radically YOU. It is a space where vulnerability equates to strength and where dreams are as sincere as reality.

There is no way to be, only ways to see, so there are no rules in this dimension. We encourage acceptance and a turning perspective that allows all feelings, thoughts, fears, desires and emotions to meet. It is in this interaction, you will find an illusion of truth, that will help you live.

Conceived in the desert where silence and change are the only constant. We ask ‘How do YOU use sound?’

There are many voices inside of us. Many notes to play, many of us hear two and choose one. AudioSlut chooses neither; we hold both voices distinctively and simultaneously.

Words provide shades and there are many shades along the spectrum. Actions will give you colour while life will gives you sound. In this in-between or meeting point, there lies a joke, a contradiction and a truth. All are beautiful.

Welcome to our future.

Welcome to our sound.