My sKIN is…

My sKIN is…

My skin is… is a psycho-surreal experience of what can never be seen but always felt. We are beings who have placed ourselves into time to help you understand the complexity of being.

We are vessels but most importantly we are Y.O.U welcome to our landing area. Welcome to our beginning. We have sensed you. We have protected you. We have regulated nothing.

There are three possibilities of entering our current time lapse.

You can listen to our N.O.W a soundscape that was dreamt and created with Legion Seven. We have created a frequency for your admittance, so sit back and relax.

We are in your ears. It is a frequency from another planet; please do not disturb the transmission.  The beautiful art work was created by Eli_x.

The voices and souls that you hear in the transmission are Faris Cuchi Gezahegn, Charm Matuba and Dunia Sahir.

In T.I.M.E you will find a collaborated work with Ndidi Iroh. She captured us in T.I.M.E. A glimpse of what it means to be and breathe.

I am everything you know and nothing of what you have experienced.

In M.I.N.D. you will find EM.PRESS.ME. A short film made by Day Eve, Mehdi Iromolu, Bassano Bonelli Bassano and Ndidi Iroh.

Welcome to My Skin is….

This project would not have been possible without the many souls that encouraged and supported the madness and experimentation that is my life.

In collaboration and with the support of Wienwoche Art Festival.