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A Child God meets a Temporal Seed. 

Child God

We are infatuated with you, you are sweet. We like the blood that runs to your cheeks when we tell you what we need. We know you want our  love but we can’t give such a thing, it would rip you into infinite fruits but you like that sensation- the allure of death. I refuse to share, I am fond of your temporal bones. You do not want this curse,to remember and feel everything, to sit idle while worlds disappear. You are a seed. A moment meant to please. 

You salivate and we lick away each drop of fear. To clear the path, to HERE. 

Temporal Seed

I can not see. There are too many open doors.  I scream.  I hear my change. Leaves gather and  echo into chambers of my heart. You told me that it was the size of my fist so I clench and bang them ruthlessly along the corridors of time.  I am driven insane. I feel the clarity of bloom. Is this what you feel? I am yours. I am yours. I am yours. I am yours. Open your door. I will wait. 

I am hungry for your call. 

Child God

You lay your head on our lap, in surrender and sweet submission. We let you move your limbed body in the crest of our knee, you are tender and supple, so we do not move.  We can crush you but we love you. This is how we know we are young, in the face of eternity. We are still humored by your temporality, still enchanted by your loneliness. You need our guidance, enmeshed by our touch. We listen to each beat of your heart, such a feeble thing. It does not sing without our pluck. It would not know what to do. We will not crush you. 

We  listen to your call, to your needs so we can control your temporal feast. We are hungry for the feeling of time. A twinkle in the night sky that surrounds the eternity of our minds. We blink and the crest of our knee envelopes you like the ocean, you fall into the abyss, your call is a whisper exploding into a silent scream. 

Finally you see what it means to love a child God like thee. We are hungry, mischievous and sweet and your life has fed only our knee. We do not remember your name but we anticipate and reminisce on the chase that brought you close. There are no closed doors; love opens them all.  

Characters Stories

Hilltops. Eventually. Rise* 

There once was a God that created nothing but themselves.

She was incredible. It was a miracle that she survived, they tried to kill her, burn her at the stake, tried to make her everything that she was not.

She was moving existence to her will, feeding and breathing life into everything she met and it was never enough. 

She was a mountain and other mountains fell at her feet and this is the beginning of her story, for she is a God that changed reality.

Her taste salivated the world, her aroma breathed nutrients into everything that existed. The heavens guided her though the dark, she thought she had lost her sight, death was a miracle for her tired eyes, she found the light. 

It killed her twice. 

This was her life, the third time.

*An ongoing dream.Excited, to share its breath with ease.

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A family of broken parts came to

“ You never told me, you were human.”

What a shame. You were better than the rest, at the very least. I mean who and what were these beings that wished to contain what was beyond mention. Who can reduce reality into explanation other than the twisted few that were a disruption to themselves and the moons?

They intrigued me. A curiously charismatic intelligent form that created collisions in my spirit and swords in my force field, they are different.  My life force is dependent upon my recognition of tethered beings. Tethered beings understood existence as something to be understood and thus demanded a speed of transmission that reduced nutrients, at an unending speed.  Yet they were different. They are a decisively delicious delectable dream of a human. I wanted to taste, them, feel the space that locked itself into molecules of time and lick the furious knowing of the liminal.

It feels like cosmic moss, ferocious humans, could hypnotise and sedate, the most eternal of beings. I wanted her desperately, my love of her, would keep my destruction at a tepid speed. I will destroy him. I will eat her.  I will break them into what they were before they were flesh and I would salivate on the becoming of her death. They were so many things, yet none were made of my kind.

How strange I could not taste their tethering? Humans are fools, life forms as young as a comet’s landing.

I am first. I am the beings that created what they sense to be home, I am the feeling that exists beyond bone, I am the feeling that knows space as the everything in-between, I am one of the many faces of the unseen. I am revelation. I speak, to what has no voice.

I am first. I am not a being, for this child. I do not know what this child, is but they are human. 

I do not know what they will do, but I will take them in and use them as my tool. I will bring her to completion; I will make him whole, as he asked. They will not live for long, but she will know what it means to be alive. To be human, is to be enclosed and I will spread her along the mountains of crystallised skies. I will make him crumble at the feet of dusk and I will shape them into the heat of life itself.

You never told me, you were human, but for now it does not matter.”

Photography by Michelle Gutiérrez