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The spirit curse

I do not want to tell you about me,that would be too easy. I could tell you about my play and the change BUT that would not give you the information that you need. I do not want to speak, my biology means this is not easy for me. I must pull threads from other worlds and bring a chorus of vibrations to Earth, to yield the body that knows my soul, so instead I will tell you about the body that I chose to control. The body that let me take hold.  The body that ignites my soul. 

I killed her, the child that wandered past the mountaintop and into the sky. I killed her  with a quick slip of my knife and I let their body decompose into the ground. Her screams held a beautiful sound as she mewed into the stars, my combusting breaths, taking over her heart. Bloom fostered around her shell as she yelled into galaxies that we would eventually lead.   

She pleaded for me to let her go, to let her return home, to a place where she could be free, be human, what irony. No human has been free since EVE and I am a beast that wants to change this reality. She wandered to me, her body should have stayed at the tip of Earth but she longed for a hydration that we call the spirits curse. All humans want to be saved but few do the work that is needed every day. 

I whispered into her skin, her back bending to my call, 

“You are mine.”

 She shivered and pleaded. I repeated my longing. 

“You are mine.” she pleaded and begged – 

 “Is this how you treat a friend? Is this how you treat your death, hold some fortune before your end.” 

Her eyes crowded into an ocean and she silenced her tears into soft moans and I moved closer to her bone- hungry for her flesh. As I approached from behind, she whispered an intelligible sound and took a bite from the density of my dark clouds- my spirit lurching into a shadow that towered above us both.

  It was then I realized this child was mine and I was hers.  She had wandered to  me but I had called her from earth. Her scream vibrated into my ear and as it finished its last echo, I asked her what she feared and she whispered, losing the feeling of you near.  

I will not make this simple for you. I will not make this into something that can end. This is just the beginning and I am a beast that knows, you are hungry for what you can not control.

Poetry Stories

A Child God meets a Temporal Seed. 

Child God

We are infatuated with you, you are sweet. We like the blood that runs to your cheeks when we tell you what we need. We know you want our  love but we can’t give such a thing, it would rip you into infinite fruits but you like that sensation- the allure of death. I refuse to share, I am fond of your temporal bones. You do not want this curse,to remember and feel everything, to sit idle while worlds disappear. You are a seed. A moment meant to please. 

You salivate and we lick away each drop of fear. To clear the path, to HERE. 

Temporal Seed

I can not see. There are too many open doors.  I scream.  I hear my change. Leaves gather and  echo into chambers of my heart. You told me that it was the size of my fist so I clench and bang them ruthlessly along the corridors of time.  I am driven insane. I feel the clarity of bloom. Is this what you feel? I am yours. I am yours. I am yours. I am yours. Open your door. I will wait. 

I am hungry for your call. 

Child God

You lay your head on our lap, in surrender and sweet submission. We let you move your limbed body in the crest of our knee, you are tender and supple, so we do not move.  We can crush you but we love you. This is how we know we are young, in the face of eternity. We are still humored by your temporality, still enchanted by your loneliness. You need our guidance, enmeshed by our touch. We listen to each beat of your heart, such a feeble thing. It does not sing without our pluck. It would not know what to do. We will not crush you. 

We  listen to your call, to your needs so we can control your temporal feast. We are hungry for the feeling of time. A twinkle in the night sky that surrounds the eternity of our minds. We blink and the crest of our knee envelopes you like the ocean, you fall into the abyss, your call is a whisper exploding into a silent scream. 

Finally you see what it means to love a child God like thee. We are hungry, mischievous and sweet and your life has fed only our knee. We do not remember your name but we anticipate and reminisce on the chase that brought you close. There are no closed doors; love opens them all.  

Confessions Poetry STEVE

Space Included Nature

In the darkness two celestial beings met. 

Space: Very few entered the eternal party. In order to be let in, one must have lived a handful of temporal lives and learnt the uniting lessons of their soul.

Aliens get distracted like living things, they change. 

Included: This is a story of action not words. 

Nature:  What is it you said to me, the day we met? ‘You wish I was dead.’ 

That was not easy, after all the fear, after all that time, you still wished that I would die. What is the point of past lives, if you do not join the present. I was shocked to say the least. I could not believe you would say that to me- so confidently you declared this horrible act. 

So of course, I did the only thing I knew how to do. I smiled and said Thank You. 

You grunted and pushed past me into the cue-while I walked to the front, knowing I would be let in- grudges are a sin, in the world of space. 

It slows down everything, even the worlds we create. 

Characters Confessions Play (Scripts)


On the far edges of the unknown, on top of a mountain by the sea there was a small wooden cabin. Inside a girl, a CAT and a portal to the living world. Entering this house, stilled all beings into attuned alignment. No words were spoken except to the portal itself, the girl was a reflection of the living form on the other side and the CAT, well we will get to them. 

During the late hour of a timeless day, the cat spit out a human sized furred creature with an agenda and a very hypnotising presence.   

Girl: Who are you to me? 

This is none of your concern. 

Girl:Since we are sharing the same body, I can’t help but believe that is not true. 

Well let me tell you this, you let the CAT in and I am part of the CAT so it’s a done deal. I do not really like talking about myself, so you are left with questions and I guarantee no answers. 

Girl:What is it you would like to do?



(the girl leaned back into her chair and took a deep breath- clouding the room with smoke) 

Reflections Explore Visionary Energies Needing Growth Experience. 

(Our creature slithered across the floor and  laid back on the sofa, her black fur covering everything but her toes, majestically purring into the space without a distinguishable syllable but a vibrating feeling that communicated all her wills- inhaling the smoke with one blink) 

No, that does not even make sense. I want R E V E N G E. Some people killed my children, lovers, friends, burnt my village, violated and raped me in many different forms- not just the one you see and at the end they blamed me and my family. They blamed my kin, they old us it was our sin, our fault. I want R E V E N G E. 

Girl:I am not sure I can help you. 

Yes you can. You are one of the few persons who would as it happened to you too. So what do you say, REVENGE! 

(Her vibration screamed, shaking the cabin, the reflection and the black CAT cleaning itself by the fire. Her long black fur turned into smooth luxurious afro hair that moved smoothly to reveal the greyness of her eyes and the winter that lived in them. Cold trees and moonless night stared directly at the child)

Tell me a secret. 

Girl:I am scared. 

Tell me another. 

Girl:I think I may love you. 

I love you too.

They both turned towards the portal, silently waiting, knowing, anticipating the voice to come.

Characters Confessions Stories

The Meeting Place. 

In an undisclosed desert, dream world, a child meets an unknown being. The being speaks in a rhythmic tune that grows in speed as they lean closer to the child to inspect what they truly may be. With every word the spirit  speaks, with every inch they move,  the child grows no bigger than their thumb. In the darkness they both appear to be a candle and its wick. In the light they do not exist. 

Hello child. What do you want from me- do you wish to play. I like chaos. Are you ready for such things?  I make streams into oceans and plants into trees.  What do you need? I do not have children seeds, or baby plants, if you have come to me, you will grow, your limit will be unknown. 

The child nods. 

You have no voice it seems,or do you not wish to speak? Either way I am not bothered or pleased. If you are ready, we can begin. But first, I must know the fear you carry to me. Are you ready to shed? Are you ready to die, to become a tree for one night? 

The child nods. 

Of course, it will be longer than one night, but after the transformation, you will cease to remember anything but the wind and its unique blows.Those you love may come and visit but the majority of temporal souls do not have the will to persist,  to a place like this. In fact, how did you get here? You are close enough for me to kiss and yet you don’t seem to  be what you insist.  

The child smiles. 

Those who do arrive will be too afraid to taste your fruits, which makes them useless to you. 

The child giggles. 

You have a humor I see, older than you appear to be. I will ask you a question and I would like for you to use your voice. I want to hear you speak. How old are you, and how did you find me? 

The child smiles and picks up a stick and draws their age with big circles, marking the golden sand with a loose wrist. 

100- That can’t be, you seem no older than 15 and this speaks from your eyes, your body is no older than 9.    

The child sits down on the ground and begins to play a violin shaped sound from their chest, it sounds as if they broke through their ribs to play a tune that plucks on their own purple heart. A baritone beat begins slowly, it is deep and dark, the chaos of their own heartbeat is making its way into an ocean at their feet.

Their dream is screaming into a sound that is shaking the ground and calling the birds to bring a harmonious sweetness to the forest like symphony that this child plays.

The child is shaped like dust.  Their body is the colour of ash, the sound of them like a kaleidoscopic dream, a philosopher’s nightmare and a poet’s possibility. 

The spirit watches on in silence, delighted to see that finally they have a play partner that would not break easily. The child did not need to speak, in order to create. The spirit had enough words to make them create a portal or at minimum a chaotic gate of change.  This child had the ocean’s heat and they had come willingly. 

You can call me Cloud. 

The child giggled. 

 My real name is something no one speaks aloud. 

The child smiles, their teeth the only vision of their body.  All around them is a deep oceanic wave. The child and the spirit leave our dream place and came to a land much like yours, before they opened the chaos that you thought only lived behind mythic doors. 

Characters Stories

Hilltops. Eventually. Rise* 

There once was a God that created nothing but themselves.

She was incredible. It was a miracle that she survived, they tried to kill her, burn her at the stake, tried to make her everything that she was not.

She was moving existence to her will, feeding and breathing life into everything she met and it was never enough. 

She was a mountain and other mountains fell at her feet and this is the beginning of her story, for she is a God that changed reality.

Her taste salivated the world, her aroma breathed nutrients into everything that existed. The heavens guided her though the dark, she thought she had lost her sight, death was a miracle for her tired eyes, she found the light. 

It killed her twice. 

This was her life, the third time.

*An ongoing dream.Excited, to share its breath with ease.

Characters Play (Scripts)


What is a child, if not a curious soul?  Many wise persons have declared that youth lives in the heart.

So when does a child stop being a child?   I do not believe innocence plays any part.

Our child of death met their maker and keeper. Few things were said and no full answers were given, but this is the way of death. They are a sibling to everything that exists, if you deny their grace and mercy, you will never feel the warmth of their kiss. 

Our child was wise but not wise enough to know that they were missing the question that would take them back home. 

What is fear, if not the desperate nature you try too banish, but must keep close. Only you can say. If you met death, what question would you ask? Would you you run away? Was our child foolish for wanting to stay?  

(In a dark room at the edge of space.)  

Child: I want to know who you are. 

Death: I am. 

Child:I want to know who you are to me. 

Death:I am. 

Child:What is this place? 

Death:(they cluck their large face, back and forth, in disappointment) You have many questions and so little time, small sandman . I feel a more interesting question would be- ‘What am I…..’  

Child: …Not. That was my first question. 

Death: You are not made of the fears you carry like a  locket against your chest. You guard your fears and regrets it like I do the non-living. You are not these things. This is a promise, you must let your heart sing. 

Child:What am I? 

Death: (with a long drawl the words echo around the room) You are everything you imagine yourself to be, small fractals, pieces of sediment, glass, grain, change, molecules you can not contain, yet cannot escape. You gather them together, but they are not yours. At least not in completeness or truth. You are never separated from us, the ones who see all you do. 


Death:Our time is finished. 

(the child stands, their fingers reaching towards the dark. Death smiles knowingly) 

Death:You must leave.

End of message.  


A poem on time. 

What would I be without you?

Perhaps a reflection of a distant star.

Would I have language? Would I have art?

What would I be without you?

I hope you help me-
See, what I would be,
but perhaps you don’t need too,

My imagination is
a type of fruit.
Would I have truth, without you?

Or simply exploding spaces of bloom.

Play (Scripts)

Death Knock

Death: I want to know the story behind your eyes, why they flicker and fly, why they grow my feet with every blink, my shadow lurching towards you, wishing to sink. With every thought that moves in your mind,I become in a new light. I can’t imagine being without you anymore. 

Child: I want to know what you want from me? 

Death: I wish it was that easy. 

Characters Play (Scripts)

The reflection

Monster: You are a child.A child made of memory. A child made of bloom. A child made of change. A child made of truth. 

Child: No, I am not made of truth, I am made of understanding. 

Monster: What is the distinction? 

Child: Understanding is what you choose to reflect and grow upon. Truth is something that your heart helps you see. 

Monster: Do you speak to your heart? 

Child: Everyday, but sometimes I do not listen. Sometimes, I am scared. 

Monster: Are you scared, now? 

Child: It teaches me the world is play.  (the child lets out a small smirk, their eyes glinting and gleaming like stars that surrounded the monsters skin)  

The monster walked back into the shadow, scared of the child who had learnt to see that flattery did not always condone honesty. This child would have been easy to love, if the monster had been ready to change, but the monster wanted to stay the same. The child was tired of monstrous games, monsters liked to stay in familiar places, while the child insisted on visiting what could not be known without incineration and dispersion. 

The shadow followed the child  steadily, waiting for the next opening.  

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Tell me, what do you need? 

Unknown:I need you, tell me about the world- Earth. Tell me what you know. 

Child: It is colourful, there is an active movement in most things and everything is alive, pulsing off each other at all times. Nothing exists without orbiting another and humans have this called time, but it’s really just change-movement. It is a strange game they play. 

Unknown: What else…..

The child looked up at the strange figure that appeared to have no standing body or alignment in the dark space of their meeting. The only evidence that the child was not alone was the vibrating heat that lived behind their ears, a clue that life was nearby trying to communicate. In this dark place, you could go days, weeks, months, centuries without feeling a thing and then one day you meet….

Child: It is loud.  Sound exists everywhere, vibrating of each other. Silence does not really exist there but they use it to make music.

Unknown: Music? What is music? 

Child: It is the pulse between your heart and eye, when you witness a magic you can not explain. You can play it using tools or sometimes using your own body.

Unknown: Do you play it?

Child: No, but I have friends that do- you will meet them soon. When we arrive, I will take you to them. 

Unknown: What do they look like? 

Child: Who? 

Unknown: Friends-

Child: Well they look like unimaginable molecules that become communities. They gather  together like snowflakes to create mountains.  Each particle is unique but sometimes, you lump them together. You can’t pick a friend, you must foster and grow with them, sometimes they last for a day but sometimes, they last generations and multi verses, to be with a friend, is to witness a truth becoming. A settling space that allows you to play. 

Unknown: Truth? 

Child: Look at me, 

The fracture of space, called the unknown, creeped its electrical pulses to the feet of the child and moved its void-like essence closer to the child’s sensory pockets until the fracture was nose level with the strange soft flesh that was guiding it into unknown territories of space. 

Child: Close your eyes. 

The unknown being reduced their pulsing heat to a wrinkle, as small as sugar cane. 

Child: Imagine the smallest thing in the universe. 

The Unknown being went to their birth place, water flushed them into loose vibrations of nothing. 

Child: Now imagine the largest thing in the galaxy. 

They both took a deep breath, the child squeezed their eyes tightly although darkness was the only space. 

Child: Now find the reflection, where they meet. What do you smell? 

Unknown: No- thing. 

Child: Exactly. 

They were a long way from earth but both were moving closer to understanding what it meant to be in need of each other.  The child believed this was friendship while the unknown being saw this as a loosely  orbiting  experience that it would remember in the next dimension of its life, when they arrived on earth. It would learn that humans called this love. 

Characters Stories

We make our way home.

Two beings make their way to Earth in the vastness of space. The human is nameless while the comet is named Komet. They discovered the human characteristic named labeling while the girl  surrendered to a black hole, Komet believed it made them quirky and insisted on the girl acknowledging their invisible presence via name. 

 Their current destination was towards tomorrow, a portal on the left side of  timespace. Although both beings were made of tangible matter, only the girl could be seen by eye. Komet communicates via telepathy, and their English was learnt spontaneously at meeting the girl. Komet understands the girl via the musical energy existing in their soul, Komet reaches towards heart sensations and orders them into speech-like frequencies that create language in the girls head.  

The girl is furious over a misunderstanding that occurred via a conversation using  their makeshift language and has started an argument in order to release some of their anxiety and frustration at returning to earth. 

Girl: I tell you a story about dogs, clouds and death and you hear an allegory about loyalty, air and sadness.  We are a long way from home and we have many obstacles to overcome. Tell me- is this love? Is this how you treat those you love? 

Komet: Love? 

Girl: Yes love, have you heard of it? 

Komet: Foolish child, foolish sound. You do not know about love- you left your planet. (their laughter rings like bells in the girls head) You went out into space, not knowing if you would die or survive. You were hungry when I found you. You left your family and friends and you talk to me about love. I learnt the concept from you.To label what you are and what you see, and what becomes of everything around you, feels foolish child. (Komet, emphasis the foolish with a deep drum beat that shakes the girls head into a nearby star) 

Girl: (begins hallucinating Komet as a burning yellow creature with a purple tail, a coping mechanism to ensure their sanity in the vastness of space

I found you, we are going back together. We can help, you can help. 

Komet:  You left everything you know in order to find a parcel of hope and you found me. You speak of love- I do not know the meaning of love but I know it requires effort and dedication, both of which I have shown you. 

Girl: Why did I do this?  What if nothing helps them. What if nothing we do, brings them to the sky. I am asking why, we chose this and not…

Komet: You love me and I love you and you left earth but  you are coming back and I am joining you and we are going to have fun because we made it across space and we were having a good time until you got mad. We will convince them to let go, we will convince them to trust the sky. 

Girl: Promise. 

Komet: No, But we will try.

They had reached the portal named tomorrow and they went towards the light, only to meet fountains, puddles and rivers of darkness on the other side.